Residential Fence Installation Info

The following is important information for residential fence installation:

What you need to know for your residential installation:

Check to see if the town you are in requires a building permit for the installation of your fence. Failure to do so can lead to problems during or after installation and can even lead to fines or removal of the fence. A permit is usually easy to acquire from your town office and requires only a small fee.

Some towns do not require a permit; however, state rules for installing a fence still apply.

  • A Fence in the state of Maine may be installed on the property line. It is recommended that at least a few inches of leeway be given.
  • The direction of the fence may be facing either way, but there are exceptions to this rule in some communities and in some given situations.
  • It is always best to check with the town that you reside in for the specifics that are required.

Other things to consider when you are deciding on a fence for your project:

Worksite Conditions

  • The grade on which the fence is to be installed
  • The height of the fence
  • The presence of ledge or other ground conditions. (Roots, Water, Utilities,etc.)

Purpose of the Fence

  • Should it keep pets or people in or out
  • Should it be aesthetically pleasing
  • Should it meet your security needs

Installation options

  • Should your fence be installed in concrete or not
  • Types or grades of different fences
  • Installation requirements may change to meet your specific needs.

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